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Abstract #0679

In Vivo Multimodal Tracking of Macrophages Labelled with Yeast Cell Wall Particles

Sara Figueiredo1, 2, Silvia Rizzitelli1, Juan Carlos Cutrin3, Joo Nuno Moreira4, Carlos F. G. C. Geraldes2, Silvio Aime1, Enzo Terreno1

1Department of Chemistry IFM and Molecular & Preclinical Imaging Centers, University of Turin, Turin, Italy; 2Department of Life Sciences, FCTUC and Center for Neurosciences and Cell Biology, University of Coimbra, Coimbra, Portugal; 3Department of Clinical and Biological Sciences, University of Turin, Turin, Italy; 4Laboratory of Pharmaceutical Technology Faculty of Pharmacy and CNC, University of Coimbra, Coimbra, Portugal

Yeast cell wall particles (YCWPs) are a promising class of nature-inspired biocompatible microcarriers that can be used for the delivery of amphipathic/lipophilic imaging reporters. The new loading procedure applied to YCWPS yields the highest longitudinal relaxivity per particle ever reported for Gd-based systems. Furthermore, these particle display high affinity towards antigen presenting cells, namely macrophages and dendritic cells, potentiating their use in cell tracking experiments.