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Abstract #0705

Imaging Without Gradients: First in vivo MR Images Using the TRASE RF Imaging Method

Jonathan C. Sharp1, Qunli Deng1, Vyacheslav Volotovskyy2, Randy Tyson1, Donghui Yin2, Richard Bernhardt2, Scott King2, Boguslaw Tomanek1

1Institute of Biodiagnostics (West), National Research Council of Canada, Calgary, Alberta, Canada; 2Institute of Biodiagnostics, National Research Council of Canada, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

TRASE is an MRI acquisition method which traverses k-space using refocusing pulses applied with phase-gradient RF transmit fields. Only a single transmit channel is used, and the switched-B0 gradient system is not required. TRASE in vivo images were collected at 0.2T using a novel RF transmitter coil array, capable of producing 2-axis encoding. TRASE-encoding was used in-plane (2D), with B0-phase encoding (1D) to encode orthogonally. We collected the first in vivo TRASE images (of wrist and knee). The results are encouraging and a step towards the development of a low-cost MR imaging technology.