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Abstract #0759

MRI Observation of Intraplaque Hemorrhage & Atherosclerotic Plaque Severity in Patients

James Qiupeng Zhan1, Alan Moody1, Cristina Nasui2

1Sunnybrook Hospital, Toronto, Ontario, Canada; 2Medical Imaging, University of Toronto, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

This is a first time use of the MRIPH to measure vessel wall and to define IPH at the same time. 16 patients with MRIPH positive were scans and obtain 3D MRIPH and TOF .Images were reformatted into axial images and segmentation were used to delineate lumen contour and outer wall contour. Multivariate ANOVA is used to compare lumen area, outer wall area, vessel wall area, and maximum vessel wall thickness with IPH positive slices and IPH negative slices at each patient. This study shows that IPH occurs at the more severe atherosclerotic cases having the following characteristics: a thicker outer wall, smaller vessel lumen, bigger vessel wall and bigger maximum vessel wall thickness.