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Abstract #0852

Predicting Response to Hyperbaric Oxygen Radiotherapy Treatment in High Grade Gliomas Using Magnetic Resonance Imaging Techniques

Nuria Arias1, Jess Pacheco-Torres1, Pilar Lpez-Larrubia1

1Biomedical Research Institute, CSIC, Madrid, Spain

A variety of studies have reported a direct link between low tumoral oxygenation and resistance to therapies. Several treatments have been specifically developed to modulate hypoxia in order to improve treatment success, like breathing a gas with high oxygen content during radiotherapy. It would be desirable to know a priori those tumors sensitive to this modulation. In the present work we use BOLD, sensitive to vascular oxygenation and blood flow, and TOLD contrast, sensitive to tissue oxygen level, to detect in a rat glioma model those tumors that would improve their response to radiotherapy by breathing pure oxygen during radiation.