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Abstract #0900

Metabolic Changes in the Acute Alcohol Induced Zebrafish Brain

Dong-Cheol Woo1, Goo-Young Kim2, Hyun-Joo Kim3, Eunjung Bang3, Hyang-Shuk Rhim2, Sang-Young Kim2, Do-Wan Lee2, Robert Lenkinski1, Bo-Young Choe2

1Department of Radiology, UT southwestern medical center, Dallas, Tx, United States; 2The Catholic university of korea; 3Korea Basic Science Institute

Here we investigate the brain metabolism of zebrafish to acute alcohol treatment by using the nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy and the whole brain extraction. Our results show that glutamate significantly decreased in a quasi-linear dose dependent manner, scyllo-inositol showed a smaller apparent increase only in the highest acute dose group and myo-inositol showed a significant decrease. We discuss the methodological novelty of our work and theorize about the implications of the brain neurochemcal changes from a behavioral perspective.