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Abstract #0934

Visualization of Mouse Barrel Cortex Using Ex-Vivo Track Density Imaging

Nyoman D. Kurniawan1, Zhengyi Yang1, Kay Richards2, Fernando Calamante3, Jeremy F.P. Ullmann1, Graham J. Galloway1, Steven Petrou2, David C. Reutens1

1Centre for Advanced Imaging, University of Queensland, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia; 2Florey Neuroscience Institutes, University of Melbourne, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia; 3Florey Neuroscience Institutes, Brain Research Institute, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

The functional organization, development and plasticity of the barrel cortex are of great interest in neuroscience. In this study, we present a novel method using directional encoded color short tracks track-density imaging (DECst TDI) to show the structure of barrel cortex from ex-vivo samples.