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Abstract #1155

Self-Guided Retrospective Motion Correction (SEGMO) for Free-Breathing Whole-Heart Coronary MRA with 100% Acquisition Efficiency

Jianing Pang1, 2, Himanshu Bhat3, Behzad Sharif1, Zhaoyang Fan1, Edward Gill1, Troy LaBounty1, James Min1, Louise E.J. Thomson1, John D. Friedman1, Daniel S. Berman1, Debiao Li1, 4

1Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, Los Angeles, CA, United States; 2Northwestern University, Chicago, IL, United States; 3Siemens Medical Solutions USA Inc., Charlestown, MA, United States; 4University of California, Los Angeles, CA, United States

A respiratory motion correction method (SEGMO) is proposed for whole-heart coronary MRA. It