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Abstract #1178

Real Time Flow with Fast GPU Reconstruction for Continuous Assessment of Cardiac Output.

Grzegorz Tomasz Kowalik1, Jennifer Anne Steeden2, Bejal Pandya2, David Atkinson3, Andrew Taylor2, Vivek Muthurangu2

1Institute of Cardiovascular Science, UCL Centre for Cardiovascular Imaging , London, United Kingdom; 2Institute of Cardiovascular Science, UCL Centre for Cardiovascular Imaging, London, United Kingdom; 3Centre for Medical Imaging, UCL Division of Medicine, London, United Kingdom

A novel approach for continuous cardiac output quantification during an exercise was developed and implemented on a heterogeneous image reconstruction system. Combination of spiral real-time PCMR sequence with parallel imaging allowed on high-temporal acquisition. Application of a GPU for image processing resulted in almost instantaneous reconstruction. An external computer equipped with the GPU was networked using CORBA technology. This let on seamless processing from a clinician point of view. The implementation was tested and validated against our multi -core CPU