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Abstract #1180

Single-Voxel Direct Fourier Reconstruction of Spiral Fourier Velocity Encoding Data on GPGPUs

Thales Henrique Dantas1, Joao L. A. Carvalho1

1Department of Electrical Engineering, University of Braslia, Braslia, DF, Brazil

Fourier velocity encoding (FVE) may be useful in the assessment of valvular disease and of carotid wall shear stress, as it eliminates partial volume effects that affect phase-contrast imaging. The scan-time of 2DFT FVE is prohibitively long for clinical use, but the spiral FVE method is substantially faster. Spiral FVE reconstruction is time-consuming, due to multidimensionality and non-Cartesian sampling. Using gridding or NUFFT, the entire m (x, y, v, t) matrix is calculated. However, we are typically only interested in the velocity distributions associated with pixels in a small ROI. We propose single-voxel direct Fourier transform (DrFT) on GPGPUs for seemingly instantaneous spiral FVE reconstruction.