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Abstract #1185

Time-Resolved 3D MR Angiography Transit Times Are Inversely Proportional to Cardiac Index

Andy Swift1, Adam Telfer, Smitha Rajaram, Robin Condliffe2, Helen Marshall, Dave Capener, Judith Hurdman2, Charlie Elliot2, David Kiely2, Jim Wild

1University of Sheffield, Sheffield, S.Yorks, United Kingdom; 2Sheffield Pulmonary Vascular Disease Unit

Based on a simple fluid dynamics model of plug flow, we evaluated 3D MR contrast transit times in 59 patients with pulmonary hypertension. Regression curve fitting identified significant inverse proportional relationships between cardiac index and 3D MR angiography measurements. Direct proportional relationships that have been previously reported with pulmonary arterial pressure and resistance were not found to be either physically realistic, or strong in correlation with 3D MR angiography transit times from our plug flow model.