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Abstract #1189

Accelerated Spiral Fourier Velocity Encoded MRI Using SPIRiT Parallel Imaging

Davi Marco Lyra-Leite1, Joao L. A. Carvalho1

1Department of Electrical Engineering, University of Braslia, Braslia, Distrito Federal, Brazil

Fourier velocity encoding (FVE) eliminates partial volume effects that are an issue in phase-contrast imaging, and may be useful in the assessment of valvular disease and of carotid wall shear stress. Although the scan-time of 2DFT FVE is prohibitively long, the spiral FVE method is substantially faster. The temporal resolution of temporally-accelerated spiral FVE can be improved if spatial aliasing due to undersampling is reduced. This may be achieved using parallel imaging. We investigate the use of the SPIRiT method to accelerate spiral FVE acquisition. We show that SPIRiT is able to completely remove spatial aliasing from the undersampled time-velocity distributions.