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Abstract #1234

Accelerated Cardiac MRI by 2D Fourier Inversion of the Entire Image Sequence

Wei Zha1, Steven Lloyd2, Himanshu Gupta2, Stanley J. Reeves1, Thomas S. Denney1

1Auburn University, Auburn, AL, United States; 2University of Alabama at Birmingham

A fast dynamic imaging method is proposed to shorten the image acquisition. Only the dynamic region in an arbitrary shape that encloses the heart is reconstructed in each timeframe. All other pixels were reconstructed once for the whole image sequence. The phase-encoding direction alternated horizontally and vertically at even and odd timeframes for a more k- space coverage. The undersampling pattern for each timeframe is pre-calculated using a modified sequential backward selection method. Our earlier simulation shows that 40 resized image sequences from different subjects are able to be reconstructed using 44% of the k-t space data reliably and stably.