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Abstract #1249

A Novel Biventricular Active Mesh Model for Measuring Cardiac Function and Geometry from Cine MRI

Chun G. Schiros1, Himanshu Gupta2, Steven G. Lloyd2, Louis J. Dell'Italia2, Thomas S. Denney Jr. 3

1Auburn University, Auburn, AL, United States; 2University of Alabama at Birmingham; 3Auburn University, Auburn , AL, United States

Approaches for quantifying cardiac function and geometry from cine MRI remain problematic because 1) systolic translocation of the right ventricular (RV) atrio-ventricular annulus is greater than that of the left ventricle (LV), resulting in unequal LV and RV stroke volumes and 2) surface models for measuring ventricular curvatures are usually based on coordinate systems with singularities at the ventricular apexes and assume a circular symmetry that is not applicable in the complex RV. To address these issues, a novel biventricular active mesh model is presented and validated in normal subjects, patients with mitral regurgitation and patients with pulmonary hypertension.