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Abstract #1367

Multiecho 2-Point Dixon (MDIXON) Imaging as an Alternative to Separate 2D Chemical Shift Imaging and 3D Fat-Suppressed T1-Weighted Sequences for Gadolinium Enhanced Imaging

R D. Sims1, Q Yuan1, G Khatri1, P T. Weatherall1, R Batz1, S Zhang2, I Pedrosa1, N M. Rofsky1

1Radiology, UT Southwestern Medical Center, Dallas, TX, United States; 2Clinical Sciences, UT Southwestern Medical Center

The feasibility of the multiecho 2-Point Dixon (mDIXON) technique to produce images comparable to conventional 3D fat suppressed T1weighted gradient echo (eTHRIVE) images, while eliminating the need for separate 2D chemical shift imaging, has been shown. We performed a multi-parametric comparison of the latest version of mDIXON to our previous standard 2D and 3D T1weighted techniques. Our results confirm a statistically significant improvement in homogeneity of fat exclusion and reduction of artifacts compared to eTHRIVE, as well as improved relative signal and contrast, while reducing breath hold duration and overall scan time.