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Abstract #1369

Investigating Alterations in Hepatic ATP Levels Following Fructose and Fructose+Glucose Ingestion: A Simple Non-Invasive Technique to Assess Liver Function Using 31P MRS

Stephen James Bawden1, Mary C. Stephenson, Luca Marciani2, Guruprasad P. Aithal2, Ian A. Macdonald2, Penny A. Gowland, Peter G. Morris

1SPMMRC, University of Nottingham, Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, United Kingdom; 2Nottingham Digestive Diseases Biomedical Research Unit, University of Nottingham

Fructose metabolism is known to deplete hepatic ATP stores due to unregulated phosphorolation. In previous studies rate of ATP replenishment following fructose infusion as measured using 31P Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy has been inversely correlated with steatosis in non alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD) and with BMI. In this pilot study we show ATP depletion and recovery following oral fructose intake (equivalent sugar content ~2 cans of coke). Results are more consistent across subjects when fructose is ingested with glucose (1:1 ratio) due to decreased variation in intestinal absorption rates