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Abstract #1410

Image-Based Finite-Element Bone Mechanics Simulations: Does Stiffness Predict Yield Strength?

Ning Zhang1, Jeremy Magland1, Chamith Rajapakse1, Yusuf Bhagat1, Felix Wehrli1

1Department of Radiology, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA, United States

High-resolution MR or CT image-based micro-finite element modeling has shown promise for estimating bone mechanical behavior, assessing osteoporotic fracture risk and evaluating the response to drug intervention. Limitations in computing power so far have restricted μFE models to the linear regime yielding only bone elastic parameters. In contrast, nonlinear μFE models are able to predict bones failure strength but are computationally far more demanding. In this work we apply newly developed FE software to explore the relationship between trabecular bone yield stress predicted by nonlinear μFE and axial stiffness computed from linear μFE models and present initial results on the basis of μMR and μCT images.