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Abstract #1474

Feasibility of Contrast-Enhanced and High Resolution MR-Imaging in Patients with Suspicious Breast Lesions at 7 Tesla.

Bertine L. Stehouwer1, Dennis W.J. Klomp1, Peter R. Luijten1, Karel A.F. Houwert2, Paul J. van Diest3, Willem P.Th.M. Mali1, Maurice A.A.J. van den Bosch1, Wouter B. Veldhuis1

1Radiology, University Medical Center, Utrecht, Netherlands; 2Radiology, Zuwe Hofpoort Hospital, Woerden, Utrecht, Netherlands; 3Pathology, University Medical Center, Utrecht, Netherlands

Eighteen patients with 21 biopsied breast lesions were imaged at 7T. The protocol included a dynamic series consisting of 7 consecutive 3D T1-weighted turbo field echo sequences and ultra-high resolution imaging with a 0.45x0.57x0.45mm3 acquisition matrix. All 21 malignant lesions were scored according the BI-RADS-MRI criteria by two radiologists, independently, using the dynamic series. Subsequent ultra-high resolution imaging increased reader confidence in n=13 and=9 for the separate radiologists and changed interpretation in n=3 and n=5 cases for the radiologists. Overall, we showed the feasibility of clinical 7T CE breast MRI, and its amenability to BI-RADS-MRI conform analysis.