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Abstract #1510

Value of Magnetic Resonance Imaging for the Local Staging of Prostate Cancer at 3 T

Josephin Otto1, Gregor Thrmer1, Matthias Seiwerts1, Jochen Fuchs1, Nikita Garnov1, Lars-Christian Horn2, Harald Busse1, Thomas Kahn1, Michael Moche1

1Department of Diagnostic and Interventional Radiology, University Hospital, Leipzig, Saxony, Germany; 2Institute of Pathology, University Hospital, Leipzig, Saxony, Germany

Prostate cancer is characterized by a high incidence but relatively low mortality. Disease prediction, risk stratification and therapeutical decision of histopathologically confirmed prostate cancer are commonly obtained by nomograms, which have a relatively low predictive value. Multiparametric MRI, in contrast, can provide detailed information of unilateral or bilateral extracapsular extension and seminal vesicle invasion, which is important for patients selected for nerve-sparing surgery. The high specificities and relatively high sensitivities observed here suggest that 3 T MRI with an endorectal coil is a suitable diagnostic tool for the local staging of prostate cancer.