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Abstract #1547

The Utility of 3D DCE-MRI for Assessing Treatment Response in Oesophageal Cancer

Caleb Roberts1, Geoff J. Parker1, Ahmad Mirza2, Andrew Jackson3, Yvonne Watson1, Susan Cheung1, Giovanni Buonaccorsi1, Josephine H. Naish1

1Biomedical Imaging Institute, The University of Manchester, Manchester, Greater Manchester, United Kingdom; 2Departments of Gastrointestinal Surgery and Histopathology, University Hospital of South Manchester, Manchester, Greater Manchester, United Kingdom; 3Clinical Oncology, University Hospitals Southampton NHS Foundation Trust, Southampton, Hampshire, United Kingdom

There is a need to develop imaging methods that can assess treatment response and help individualise therapy in patients with oesophageal cancer. We explore the utility of dynamic contrast-enhanced MRI in a pilot study of 5 patients with oesophageal cancer. Each patient underwent two 3D DCE-MRI scans, each separated by a course of radical chemo radiotherapy. All patients showed significant treatment response demonstrated by changes in post-treatment pharmacokinetic parameters. We have successfully applied 3D DCE-MRI in oesophageal cancer and demonstrated its potential to assess treatment response.