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Abstract #1592

Validation of Real-Time Target Tracking for MRI-Guided Interventions

Sjoerd Crijns1, Alexis Kotte1, Jan Lagendijk1, Bas Raaymakers1

1Imaging division, department of radiotherapy, UMC Utrecht, Utrecht, Netherlands In MRI-guided interventions such as MR-guided HIFU and MR-guided radiotherapy, image feed-back is applied to adapt the treatment to the current state of the anatomy. To do this effectively in treatment of abdominal organs, the target location must be tracked during motion induced by patient breathing. To this end, we propose to track a single point in an image series using a Minimum Output Sum of Squares (MOSSE) filter and validate its performance. We validate the performance of this method and find that it can track targets with sub-millimetre precission while processing time per frame remains less than one millisecond.