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Abstract #1612

Novel Solid Lipid Nanoparticles (SLNs) Encapsulated with Gd-DOTA for Contrast-Enhanced MRI

Erica Marie Andreozzi1, Marc Dhenain2, Angelique Louie1

1Biomedical Engineering, University of California, Davis, Davis, CA, United States; 2MIRCen, URA CEA CNRS 2210, Fontenay aux Roses, France

Herein, we report the encapsulation of Gadolinium-DOTA (Gd-DOTA) into solid lipid nanoparticles (SLNs) for use as a stable, long-circulating, biocompatible T1-weighted agent. We have confirmed that these Gd-loaded SLNs are stable in size and Gd content over time, and have previously shown that they have a longer blood half-life in mice compared to free Gd-DOTA. Relaxivity measurements (1.4 T, 37C) of these Gd-loaded SLNs indicate an r1 value of ~2.5 mM-1sec-1 In Vitro, and intracerebral ventricular (ICV) injection of the Gd-loaded SLNs in mice confirms the ability for these particles to provide positive contrast enhancement in vivo using T1-weighted imaging.