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Abstract #1643

MR/optical Image-Guided Two-Component Nano-Delivery Systems Targeting Her2/neu Overexpressing Cancer Cells

Sudath Hapuarachchige1, Wenlian Zhu, Yoshinori Kato, Dmitri Artemov1

1Radiology and Radiological Science, The Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, Baltimore, MD, United States

The overexpression of Her2/neu leads to the poor prognosis in human breast cancer. The affinity of the cancer therapeutics can be increased by the synergistic drug delivery by controlled internalization. The mouse models were injected with modified herceptin, followed by secondary component. T1 images were and optical images of the mice were obtained. in vivo optical shows the retention of cargo-carrier on tumor-site due to the "click" chemistry (followed by possible internalization) with respect to the control, without PEG4-Az on Herceptin). MRI imaging exhibits the drop of T1, showing the possible non-invasive image-guided prognosis and translational cancer therapy.