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Abstract #1647

Tracking Stem Cells in a Inherently Regenerative Environment

MAGNA25Henrik Lauridsen1, Casper Foldager2, Mette Hagensen3, Tobias Wang4, Michael Pedersen5

1MR-Research Centre, Institute of Clinical Medicine, Aarhus University, Aarhus, Denmark, Denmark; 2Department of Othopaedics, Aarhus University, Denmark; 3Department of Cardiological Mecicine, Aarhus University, Denmark; 4Department of Biological Sciences, Aarhus University, Denmark; 5MR-Research Centre, Institut of Clinical Medicine, Aarhus University, Denmark

Tissue regenerative capacity in humans is very limited. However, there exist model animals in zoology expressing impressive regenerative potential inspiring for future breakthroughs in regenerative medicine. One such model organism is the axolotl, capable of regenerating various tissues, organs and even whole appendages. This study incorporates the expanding field of super paramagnetic iron oxide particle (SPIO) guided MRI evaluation of stem cells therapies with an intrinsic regenerative environment, the regenerating axolotl limb. This has the potential both to allow for a better regenerative model for development of SPIOs for non-invasive use as well as revealing the mechanisms behind axolotl regeneration.