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Abstract #1660

Heteronuclear Proton MRI: in vivo Detection of Tm-DOTMA Labeled HT-1080 Cells Using Ultra-Short Echo Time Imaging (UTE)

Klaus Strobel1, Rabecca Schmidt1, Carsten Hltke1, Cornelius Faber1

1University Hospital Mnster, Mnster, Germany

Unambiguous MRI detection of labeled cells often uses 19F, because fluorine has no natural background in the images. However, 19F MRI requires dedicated hardware. Alternatively, Tm-DOTMA, which has twelve methyl protons with a chemical shift of 100 ppm, may be used to obtain background free proton images. In this work, we have implemented an ultra-short echo time (UTE) imaging sequences to obtain optimal SNR-efficiency with labeled HT-1080 cells that were injected subcutaneously into the flank of mice. We show that Tm-DOTMA labeled cells can be imaged in vivo without significant water background signal.