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Abstract #1724

Improved SpRARE at 9.4T Through Water Suppression with MEGA

Mlanie Craveiro1, Cristina Cudalbu1, Nicolas Kunz1, 2, Vladimir Mlynrik1, Rolf Gruetter1, 3

1Laboratory for Functional and Metabolic Imaging, Ecole polytechnique fdrale de Lausanne, Lausanne, Switzerland; 2Division of Child Growth & Development, University of Geneva, Geneva, Switzerland; 3Departments of Radiology, Universities of Lausanne and Geneva, Switzerland

SpRARE is a fast spectroscopic imaging sequence that allows a good spectral resolution due to effective homonuclear decoupling. However, requirements such as high B1 homogeneity and short echo spacing are mandatory to avoid signal loss of coupled metabolites. Moreover efficient water suppression (WS) is necessary to prevent from increased noise and artifacts in the spectra. In this study, MEGA water suppression was implemented in spRARE, which allowed the complete removal of the residual water signal, and the detection efficiency of the coupled metabolites by spRARE at 9.4T was demonstrated.