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Abstract #2030

Observation of Anomalous Perfusion Effects in the Rat Liver Using Temporal Diffusion Spectroscopy

Sabrina Doblas1, Philippe Garteiser1, Mathilde Wagner, 12, Valrie Vilgrain, 12, Bernard E. Van Beers, 12, Ralph Sinkus1

1U773-CRB3, INSERM, Paris, France; 2Radiology Department, Beaujon University Hospital, Clichy, France

The oscillating-gradient spin-echo (OGSE) technique is based on the replacement of classical motion-encoding gradients by oscillating gradients, to obtain DWI experiments with short evolution times and corresponding spatial scales in the order of the micron. This lead to higher ADC compared with ADC determined using a classical EPI-DWI acquisition with relatively long evolution time. in vivo experiments were conducted in rats presenting different hepatic lesions, and showed the interest of using OGSE to gather a new dimension of information on tumor microenvironment and vasculature.