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Abstract #2054

Inherent and Dynamic B0 Mapping and Deblurring in SENSE Spiral Imaging and Application to Resting-State FMRI

Trong-Kha Truong1, Nan-kuei Chen1

1Brain Imaging and Analysis Center, Duke University, Durham, NC, United States

Spiral imaging is vulnerable to spatial and temporal variations of the static magnetic field (B0) caused by susceptibility effects, subject motion, physiological noise, and/or system instabilities, resulting in image blurring. Previously proposed deblurring methods rely on separately acquired B0 maps, which increases the scan time and precludes the correction of temporal B0 variations. Here, we propose a novel k-space energy spectrum analysis method that can inherently and dynamically generate a B0 map from SENSE spiral k-space data at each time point, without requiring any additional data acquisition or pulse sequence modification, and demonstrate its effectiveness in resting-state fMRI experiments.