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Abstract #2131

Differential Neural Activation in Field Dependent and Field Independent Subjects for a Camouflage Detection Task: An FMRI Study

Shilpi Modi1, Janani Rajagopalan2, Pawan Kumar1, Rajendra P. Tripathi1, Subash Khushu1, Manas K. Mandal2

1Institute of Nuclear Medicine and Allied Sciences (INMAS), Delhi, India; 2Defence Institute of Psychological Research, Delhi, India

An fMRI paradigm was designed to obtain the neural correlates of camouflage detection with real life photographs. The study accentuates on the comparative study between Field-dependent and Field-independent individuals in accordance to their neural correlates derived upon camouflage detection. A widespread activation of the dorsal stream of visual processing was obtained with a greater activation in field dependent subjects as compared to the field independent ones suggesting a greater effort required by them for task performance. However, additional recruitment of superior parietal, thalamic and cerebellar regions in field independent subjects might explain their capability to better perform the task.