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Abstract #2141

The Dependency of Correlation Between the BOLD Based Aging Index and MMSE Score on the Cognitive Contents

Toshiharu Nakai1, Naoki Kamiya1, Makoto Miyakoshi2, Kayako Matsuo3

1Neuroimaging & Informatics, NCGG, Ohbu, Aichi, Japan; 2JSPS, Tokyo, Japan; 3NTU, Taipei, Taiwan

The correlation between the BOLD based aging index (BAI) and MMSE score change two years later was evaluated. It was indicated that age-related augmentation of brain activation observed in early stage of the elderly group (60-75 year old) may be associated with the potential risk of converting to MCI, when BAI was evaluated using a visuo-motor task, while BAI obtained by checker board stimuli did not correlate with MMSE score change. BAI may represent two different types of demand at neuro-physiological and neuronal circuit level, which can be discriminated by the cognitive contents of the tasks.