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Abstract #2223

The SNR Advantage of Radial GROWL Vs. Cartesian Parallel Imaging

Wei Lin1, Feng Huang1, Charles Saylor1, Enrico Simonotto1, Arne Reykowski1, Randy Duensing1

1Invivo Corporation, Philips Healthcare, Gainesville, FL, United States

The SNR performance of radial GROWL is compared with Cartesian SENSE. Monte Carlo simulation results show that GROWL without regularization gives a lower RMSE and g-factor map than Cartesian SENSE, due to the ability to use coils aligned along two orthogonal directions. With a k-space adaptive Tikhonov regularization, the g-factor of GROWL reconstruction can be further lowered than much less than the unity. in vivo brain study demonstrates that radial GROWL can be used to accelerate 3D MP-RAGE acquisition by a factor of eight using an 8-channel head coil with an acceptable image SNR.