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Abstract #2234

Artifact-Free Resolution Enhancement Using a Shearlet Sparsity Prior

Jan Aelterman1, Hiep Luong1, Steven Baete2, Bart Goossens1, Aleksandra Pizurica1, Wilfried Philips1

1TELIN-IPI-IBBT, Ghent University, Ghent, Belgium; 2NYU Langone Medical Center, United States

Very often, clinicians will zoom in on an MRI image, this means implicitely doing a bilinear, bicubic or sinc interpolation, which gives rise to artifacts. We propose an augmented Lagrangian based reconstruction method, which is akin to compressed sensing MRI reconstruction, to perform this same type of image resolution enhancement. The proposed method dramatically reduces the ringing artifact, while preserving sharpness. We also present a method for estimating the free parameter in the reconstruction formulation in order to accelerate the algorithm.