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Abstract #2236

Simultaneous Image and K-Space Domain Aliasing for Accelerating Dynamic MRI Scans

Kamlesh Pawar1, 2, Arjun Arunachalam1

1Electrical Engineering, Indian Institute of Technology Bombay, Mumbai, India; 2IITB Monash Research Academy, Mumbai, India

A new technique for accelerating a dynamic MRI scan through simultaneous image and k- space domain aliasing is demonstrated. Parallel Imaging (PMRI) and Compressed Sensing (CS) techniques provide an acceleration factor of APMRI/CS while Akspace via k-space aliasing is provided by a new method that uses multiple RF excitation pulses and gradients to overlap distinct k-space points. Both types of aliasing are corrected during image reconstruction to restore the fidelity of the accelerated dataset. The total acceleration from such a combination is given by Akspace*APMRI/CS as data is sub-sampled in both the image and k-space domains simultaneously during data acquisition.