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Abstract #2276

Maximum Entropy Based Reconstruction of Echo-Planar Correlated Spectroscopic Imaging of Human Breast in vivo

Brian Burns1, 2, Jon K. Furuyama, Neil Wilson, Nicki DeBruhl, M. Albert Thomas

1Department of Radiological Sciences, UCLA, Los Angeles, CA, United States; 2Medical Imaging Informatics (MII), UCLA

The EPCOSI sequence acquires 2-spatial and 2-spectral dimensions in a single scan. The kx and t2 dimensions are acquired simultaneously, but the ky and t1 dimensions are acquired indirectly. By under-sampling the indirect spectral and spatial dimensions and reconstructing with Maximum Entropy, we have shown that a 4x reduction factor can be used to reduce the scan time to a clinically acceptable 5 minutes with equivalent spatial and spectral results.