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Abstract #2382

Viability Testing and Development Monitoring in Gentoo and Adelie Penguin Eggs: A Novel Role for MRI

Miriam Scadeng1, Lauren DuBois2, Christy Simeone2, Stephanie Costelow2, David Dubowitz1, Judy St Leger2

1Radiology, University Of California San Diego, La Jolla, CA, United States; 2SeaWorld, San Diego, CA, United States

This study describes the techniques for in-ovo, in-vivo anatomical MR imaging of penguin eggs, including anesthetized developing penguin chicks. It illustrates the features of penguin egg viability throughout development. MRI has potential use as an in-vivo assay for environmental toxicity in eggs, and as a non destructive method of determining the normal anatomical appearances of chick development for scientific and educational purposes.