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Abstract #2387

Phase Sensitive PC-BSSFP: Simultaneous Quantification of T1, T2 and Spin Density M0

Martin Ott1, Martin Blaimer1, Philipp Ehses2, Peter Michael Jakob1, 3, Felix Breuer1

1Magnetic Resonance Bavaria e.V, Wrzburg, Bayern, Germany; 2Max Planck Institute for Biological Cybernetics, Tbingen, Germany, Tbingen, Germany; 3Department of Experimental Physics V, University of Wrzburg, Wrzburg, Bayern, Germany

A novel procedure is proposed to extract T1, T2, Δω and M0 from the signal of several phase-cycled(PC)-bSSFP measurements at two flip-angles. The measured data are fitted on ellipse equations which are equal to complex bSSFP steady-state equations. The resulting offresonance free data for one flip angle as well as the ratio of two flip-angles can be fitted to obtain T1, T2 and M0. In phantom measurements T1 and T2 values derived by this procedure show good agreement with those from single point reference measurements. in-vivo measurements of T1 and T2 are presented.