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Abstract #2432

MR Imaging Near Metallic Implants Using Selective Multi-Acquisition with Variable Resonances Image Combination

Chiel J. den Harder1, Ulrike A. Blume1, Clemens Bos2

1MR Advanced Solutions, Philips Healthcare, Best, Netherlands; 2MR Clinical Science, Philips Healthcare, Best, Netherlands

With a substantial part of the population having metal implants, there is a clear need for MR imaging resistant to metal artifacts. SEMAC and MAVRIC have been shown to significantly reduce susceptibility artifacts, at the cost of increased scan time. MAVRIC, especially, has been described as spatially non-selective with clinically unacceptable long scan times depending on anatomy size. This work proposes a spatially selective MAVRIC variant (sMAVRIC) that retains the well-defined spectral selectivity of spectral bins, and enables scan time reduction, without the risk of back-folding. Spatial and spectral selectivity are determined by sequence parameters and independent of implant material.