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Abstract #2437

Quantification of Image Distortion of Orthopedic Materials in Magnetic Resonance Imaging

Matthew F. Koff1, Parina Shah1, Kevin M. Koch2, Hollis G. Potter1

1Department of Radiology and Imaging - MRI, Hospital for Special Surgery, New York, United States; 2Applied Science Laboratory, General Electric Healthcare, Waukesha, WI, United States

Susceptibility artifacts occur when performing MRI around orthopedic hardware. This study evaluated the magnitude of in-plane and through plane image distortion produced by a variety of orthopaedic implant materials in standard-of-care 2D fast-spin-echo (FSE) images and multi-acquisition variable-resonance image combination (MAVRIC) images. Metal test samples produced the largest distortion fields, with the largest distortions closest to the sample. MAVRIC scans reduced the in-plane and the through plane image distortions as compared to FSE scans. This study quantitatively evaluated the significant image distortion reduction capabilities of MAVRIC imaging.