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Abstract #2474

Efficient Concomitant Field Artifacts Reduction Using a Hybrid Space-Frequency Domain Formulism

Yi-Cheng Hsu1, Panu T. Vesanen2, Jaakko O. Nieminen2, Koos C. J. Zevenhoven2, Juhani Dabek2, I-Liang Chern3, Risto J. Ilmoniemi4, Fa-Hsuan Lin3, 5

1National Taiwan University, Taipei, Taiwan; 2Aalto University, Finland; 3National Taiwan University, Taiwan; 4Aalto University, Taiwan; 5Massachusetts General Hospital, United States

To mitigate the challenge of reconstructing MRI data deteriorated by concomitant fields, we develop a hybrid space-frequency (x-f) domain method to i) accurately describe the dynamics of spatially encoded magnetization allowing arbitrary directions of initial magnetization and phase/frequency encoding magnetic fields, and (ii) reconstructed images using combined fast Fourier transform and a linear equation solver. We demonstrate this method in ultra-low-field MRI reconstruction when the largest concomitant field is as strong as B0.