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Abstract #2527

Finite Element Simulations of Acoustic Radiation Contrast in Magnetic Resonance Using Open Source Software

Anna-Lisa Kofahl1, Sebastian Theilenberg1, Deniz Ulucay1, Judith Wild1, Saskia Paul1, Karl Maier1, Carsten Urbach1

1HISKP, University of Bonn, Bonn, NRW, Germany

Investigating the displacement caused by the ARF via MR phase images offers a new access to the viscoelastic properties of tissue and has been successfully tested on phantoms. For a better understanding of the measurements finite element (FE) simulations have been developed with special regard to the influence of boundary conditions. These show an immense influence on the simulation and the measurements and have to be considered when carrying out more quantitative investigations. The open source FE software that is used performs as satisfactorily as commercial software.