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Abstract #2548

Generalized Conjugate Gradient Image Reconstruction Combination of SENSE/SPIRiT, Chemical Shift Imaging and Multi-Frequency Interpolation

Jonathan I. Sperl1, Florian Wiesinger1, Rolf F. Schulte1

1GE Global Research, Garching n. Munich, BY, Germany

Image Reconstruction in MRI is addressed by a variety of techniques depending on the specific data acquisition scheme and the information one wants to resolve. This work proposes a general Conjugate Gradient reconstruction framework that can be applied to a wide range of MRI data sets. In more detail, we propose a generalized SENSE or SPIRiT type of reconstruction combining chemical shift imaging, e.g. to resolve different metabolites in vivo, and Multi-Frequency Interpolation for B0-correction. The method is applied to a severely B0-distorted 1H data set as well as to a 13C phantom experiment.