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Abstract #2581

Fringe Field Effects on Hyperpolarized 129Xe for a Continuous Flow SEOP Setup

Martin Kunth1, Christopher Witte1, Leif Schrder1

1Leibniz-Institut fr Molekulare Pharmakologie (FMP), Berlin, Germany

We studied the influence of fringe field effects on hyperpolarized 129Xe for a spin exchange optical pumping polarizer system working in continuous flow mode when the magnetic optical pumping field of the polarizer is in direct proximity to the magnet of the spectrometer. The configuration of the pumping field was modified to three coils with a variable current of the center coil and a single shot 129Xe NMR spectrum was acquired every 2 seconds. Our data show that the 129Xe NMR signal can be optimized by modifying the net fringe field.