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Abstract #2586

Development of a Low-Field NMR Unit Using a Crossed Coil Setup for Calibration of a PASADENA Polarizer

Robert Borowiak1, Elmar Fischer1, Sebastien Br1, Jochen Leupold1, Frank Huethe2, Thomas Lange1, Jeff Snyder1, Jrgen Hennig1, Dominik von Elverfeldt1, Jan-Bernd Hvener1

1Medical Physics, Dep. of Radiology, University Medical Center Freiburg, Freiburg, Baden-Wrttemberg, Germany; 2Neurozentrum, scientific workshop, University Medical Center Freiburg, Freiburg, Baden-Wrttemberg, Germany

Low-field NMR has received increasing attention in the recent years as several new approaches were published. As previous polarizers had no detection ability at B0 = 1.8 mT, we developed an apparatus specifically for the fields required by SABRE and PASADENA (B0 = 1 6 mT), suitable for RF calibration and the direct detection of NMR signal. PASADENA and SABRE are unique liquid-state hyperpolarization techniques which have achieved 13C NMR signal enhancement of several orders of magnitude.