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Abstract #2598

Characterization of PatLoc Gradient with a Field Camera

Frederik Testud1, Daniel Gallichan1, Christoph Barmet2, Johanna Vannesj2, Anna Masako Welz1, Christian A. Cocosco1, Klaas Prssmann2, Jrgen Hennig1, Maxim Zaitsev1

1Medical Physics, University Medical Center Freiburg, Freiburg, Germany; 2Institute for Biomedical Engineering, University and ETH Zurich, Zrich, Switzerland

A field camera consisting of 16 proton based field probes is used to characterize the Parallel Acquisition Technique with Localised gradients (PatLoc) gradient coil. Higher order magnetic field monitoring is performed with a 16 channel proton field camera. The recorded field dynamics are used to test the linearity of the PatLoc gradient coil performance in combination with standard linear gradients and to measure the gradient impulse response functions of the five channel gradient system.