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Abstract #2611

B1-Control Receive Array Coil for Abdominal Imaging

Yukio Kaneko1, Yoshihisa Soutome1, Masayoshi Dohata1, Hideta Habara1, Hisaaki Ochi1, Yoshitaka Bito1

1Central Research Laboratory, Hitachi Ltd., Kokubunji, Tokyo, Japan

B1 inhomogeneity increases as strength of magnetic field increases. Various methods to reduce the B1 inhomogeneity have been developed. However, B1 inhomogeneity still remains in some cases of abdominal imaging, and a more effective method is required. In this study, a B1-control loop is combined with a receive array coil by using PIN diodes for generating the B1-control loop during the RF transmit period. A 12-channel gB1-control receive array coilh was fabricated, and both its receive sensitivity and the effect of B1 homogenization were confirmed experimentally. The B1-control receive array coil can improve B1 inhomogeneity, while maintaining receive sensitivity.