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Abstract #2642

A Millimeter Scale Implanted Coil with an Integrated Wireless Amplifier for Imaging of the Rodent Kidney

Chunqi Qian1, Stephen Dodd1, Der-Yow Chen1, Joe Murphy-Boesch1, Alan Koretsky1

1LFMI/NINDS, National Institutes of Health, Bethesda, MD, United States

An implantable resonator with an integrated parametric amplifier has been constructed to provide enhanced localized sensitivity of internal organs in the rodent. The sample coil was one element of a non-linear double frequency resonator that mixed the MR signal with a pump frequency to produce an amplified output at the Larmor frequency. The resonator/wireless amplifier was 3mm x 3mm x 7mm in size, and it enabled high resolution images to be obtained to identify small vascular structures of a rat kidney in vivo.