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Abstract #2644

A Novel Highly Homogeneous Wireless Birdcage Resonator Coil

Haoqin Zhu1, Mehran Fallah-Rad1, Michael Lang1, Wayne Schellekens1, Kirk Champagne1, Labros Petropoulos1

1R&D, IMRIS Inc, Winnipeg, MB, Canada

In this paper, a wireless HP birdcage coil was presented. The design of this coil can be extended to low pass, bandpass or dual frequency configurations. Simulated B1 field of the HP b-cage within the body coil showed an increase of more than 15dB in magnitude compared to B1 field of body coil only. SNR measurements on phantom showed comparable numbers between the wireless coil and the 12-channel OEM coil. Additionally, volunteer head images were of similar quality and uniformity between the two coils.