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Abstract #2672

Effect of Body Type, Tissue Conductivity and Body Location Within the RF Coil on Tangential Electrical Fields in 1.5T MRI

Shiloh Sison1, Xiaoyi Min, Yan Liu2, Kevin Feng2, Ji Chen2, John Nyenhuis3, Gabriel Mouchawar, Jon Dietrich

1St. Jude Medical, Sunnyvale, CA, United States; 2University of Houston; 3Purdue University

The body type, conductivity and location within an RF coil partially determine the maximum tangential electric field along implantable cardiac rhythm device lead paths. The simulation conditions which have the possibility of generating the largest temperature rise at the electrodes of the lead are an obese male with tissue conductivity 80% of nominal and landmark Z ~0mm. Around this Z landmark the effect of 20mm to 50mm shifts in the X and Y direction are negligible. The IEC limit of 3.2 W/kg for head SAR may result in a whole body SAR of less than 2 W/kg for some landmarks.