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Abstract #2675

Matrix and Model Order Reduction Approach for Rapid Safety Prediction and Supervision of Local and Global SAR in Parallel Transmit Coils

Esra Neufeld1, Maximilian Ftterer1, Matthias Gebhardt2, Michael Oberle1, Niels Kuster1, 3

1IT'IS Foundation for Research on Information Technologies in Society, Zurich, Switzerland; 2Imaging & Therapy Division, Siemens AG, Erlangen, Germany; 3Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETHZ), Zurich, Switzerland

Parallel transmit coils can lead to high local SAR thus posing a safety issue even when the total energy deposition is monitored. A method based on pre-computed matrices and model order reduction is presented to allow efficient safety prediction and online supervision, provided a mapping of the patient to a reference model can be established. The method has been applied to a detailed anatomical model with variable BMI. Rapid, conservative estimations with known overestimation can be provided for any set of steering parameters. The impact of position, posture and anatomy remains to be investigated.