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Abstract #2740

Feasibility of 2G HTS (YBCO) Roebel Cable MRI Gradient Coils

Robert Slade1, Zhenan Jiang, A D Caplin2

1Industrial Research Limited, Lower Hutt, New Zealand; 2Imperial College, London, United Kingdom

The use of 2G HTS (YBCO) Roebel cable for MRI gradient coils was theoretically assessed. Planar coils were identified as the most suitable geometry. A phenomenological model was developed to scale AC losses observed in small test coils at 77K and self field to the desired size, background field and cryogenic operating temperature. The refrigerator input power required to balance these losses was estimated. Reduction in power consumption compared with copper of ~10 appears feasible for head-size coils using 9x2mm Roebel cable, but more strands and higher current capacity are required to show benefit over copper at whole body scale.