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Abstract #2758

Evaluation of Conventional MR Surface Coil Impact on PET Quantification

Hua-Lei Zhang1, Sebastian Frst1, Axel Martinez-Mller1, Isabel Dregely1, Alexandra Bartel1, Markus Schwaiger1, Stephan Nekolla1

1Klinikum rechts der Isar der TU Mnchen, Munich, Bavaria, Germany

Multi-channel receiver coils are mandatory to obtain high-quality MR images. This study aims to evaluate regional effects from state-of-the-art MR coils not optimized for hybrid imaging on PET and to address whether rather demanding adjustments for usage in MR/PET are needed. Adding a 32-element coil set introduced PET activity underestimation but maintained the signal homogeneity in MR/PET, while severe inhomogeneity and preserved overall activity counts was found in CT-based attenuation corrected PET images. The findings provide insights on how to make compromises to obtain high-quality MR images without degrading PET activity concentration when using coils not specifically optimized for MR/PET.